About us

It was and is our goal to breed „Dream Boxers“ who combine all good characteristics of this lovable breed. What was closer than to name this kennel GERMAN DREAM.

In order to get a little closer to that dream we acquired „
Tequilla vom Haus Rehberg,

who was a non-white breeding bitch.

With her first litter, after „
Ibsen von der Sembacher Flur“, she exceeded all of our expectations and hopes. Four of her nine puppies became champions (Atlanta, Aglaia, Arielle and Artus), and they were all healthy. They proved their character during examinations and breeding selections.

There was no question but to continue breeding with Atlanta, who orginiated from this litter. My primary wish to breed a dream boxer had been fulfilled by her. We did not mind the long trip to Italy to have her mated, and it was a success. Atlanta and
Chaos gave us the champion „Future“, who in the meantime has proven his hereditary qualities. To bring new blood into the GERMAN DREAM line we acquired the „Apache“ daughter „Priska Lug ins Land“. During the course of time she had five trouble-free litters.

Once again, we made the trip to Italy to mate Atlanta with „
Dylan de Centurrioni“. And once more champions were born, among others „In-Petto vom German Dream“, who is already a Multi-Champion at the age of 2. At ATIBOX 2002, he not only made champion, but was also voted as „best in breed“, and, therefore, won everything possible at the biggest international dog show.

At the same time our kennel presented a breeding group at this show, which placed #1 first among 13 international competitors.

Our biggest personal success, however, was the Annual Champion Breeding Show 2001.

From 8 possible champion titles we were able to claim three annual youth champions and one annual champion.

This success had never been reached by a German kennel before.

In the meantime there are Laola, Kalifornia and Irish-Coffee romping around our garden amongst our four children. Three young bitches who are aimed to become successors of the aforementioned breeding dogs. All of our dogs are our children’s best friends. They all live in our house and are part of the family.

It is always an experience whenever a litter is born. The grown-up dogs and the puppies run around the house with our children. This way, they get acquainted with all they need to know for their boxer life. This is very important to us, especially since raising the puppies within the family boundaries promotes social behavior, and substitutes a guarantee for the purchaser of a puppy to get a dog who is used to life with human beings.

Meanwhile, there are German Dream Boxers in many countries of the world - even in Korea - who pass on the bloodline of our kennel, and the pedigrees of the future will continue to carry the name German Dream.